The Communitarian Project
Wholistically Inventing Our Selves and Our Community with Each Other Everywhere

by everyone
on this day and all days following


What is the Communitarian Project?

Me. You. All of us.
Like it sounds, appears, and suggests, "communitarian" is based on and in "community". It acts upon "community" as a by-product of individuals defining their social relations, whether in a neighborhood, work, or other are[n]a of daily life.

Table of Contents

Terms of Empowerment
focus: recreating totality from history's missing links
question, comment, or suggestion

focus: the reinvention of an inner-outer totality question, comment, or suggestion

focus: self-conduction w/r/t consequential efforts, meetings, and projects
question, comment, or suggestion

Town Hall
focus: the general assembly without mediation
question, comment, or suggestion

Cooperative Commonwealth
focus: the whole comm[o/u]nity as cooperative wealth
question, comment, or suggestion

Project Starter Kit
focus: shortcuts to reinventing reality
question, comment, or suggestion

Meetings at the Nut House
focus: ongoing access point for project playmates
question, comment, or suggestion

Projects in the Making
focus: wholistic community and life expanding projects
question, comment, or suggestion

Calendar of Other Useful Events
focus: wholistic communities appreciating what others are sharing — unmediated wisdom, passion, and concern — for greater robustness
add an event, meeting, talk, or resource

The Communitarian Project

Our Autonomous Associates:
Gregory Gardens Community Trade Fair

The Recall of the Wild

The Little Free Library

Everything For Everyone

Point of Departure


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