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These texts deal with social formations and practical methods to expel those Social invasions into people — persona, mass psychology, "moral character", character-armor, social programming, the authoritarian personality — so as to affirm a new reality as well as to nourish actions upon oneself by oneself (self-therapy), de- and dis- alienating daily life and tossing out all of the roles, attitudes, and behaviors which maintain the status quo.

I will try to cover aspects of totality, from numerous angles, so that as communicating "blind men" each describing their "impressions" in reference to a limited but fruitful experience, achieve a useful albeit dynamic agreement about their friend and fellow, the elephant, such that mutually exists as a harmony of many passions, a rainbow of many colors, a palette of many evolutions, a resonance of many uniquenesses.... Thus, a world of expanding plenty butts upp against a reductive monopolization, and the departure from a deadening world of zero-sum, of rigid linearity, of either-or binary choices, and endlessly circling the nothingness of flatland ensues.

T'is time to embrace and birth becoming more than "the imposed or the imposing"!

Table of Contents

Councilist Diagrams (IAI)
Mode of Organization (IAI)
Councilist Constitution (IAI)
The Minimum Definition of Intelligence: Theses on the Construction of One's Own Self-theory
Contract For Ourselves (For Ourselves: Council for Generalized Self-management)
A Declaration of the Rights of Human Beings (Raoul Vaneigem)
Workers' Councils and the Economics of Self-managed Society (Cornelius Castoriadis & London Solidarity Group)
The Right To Be Greedy: Theses on the Practical Necessity of Demanding Everything
Libertarian Municipalism (Chaia Heller)
Essays: Ends and Means; Majorities and Minorities; Mutual Aid; Reformism; Organization (Errico Malatesta)

The Communitarian Project


Our Autonomous Associates:
Terms of Empowerment
recreating totality from history's missing links

Town Hall
the general assembly without mediation

the whole comm[o/u]nity as wealth

Project Starter Kit
shortcuts to reinventing reality

Gregory Gardens Community Trade Fair

The Recall of the Wild

The Little Free Library

Everything For Everyone

Point of Departure


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