Point of Departure

The Point of Departure web site is an "umbrella" for many projects. Besides acting as a cross-pollenation area, it will contain a robust set of "clarifications" which will support all sub-projects by defining terminologies and concepts in a dynamic and multimedia'ed manner. For a better understanding of our overall purpose, please read the "Mission Statement". If interested in associating, please contact the administrator. As securing each project is a high priority, we will unhesitantly take retaliatory actions against spies, hacks, agents, bullies, and other psycho-scum working in league with the Realm.
Contact: rasputin@point-of-departure.org.

Key Areas

Adventures in Dialectics

The Adventures in Dialectics site is a venue where texts, provided to the site under anonymous or pseudonymous authorship, concerning the tradition of dialectics — in philosophy, in the sciences, in mathematics, and in Marxian Theory — are made available for free download.
Contact: sol@adventures-in-dialectics.org

Aoristos's Blog

The purpose of this new blog is to update participants in the Dialectics.org website regarding news, developments, and plans of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.].

Beyond the Choiceless Choice

Beyond the Choiceless Choice is a web store wherein I can design buttons, stickers, books, pamphlets, and shirts. If ordered I can add a % onto their base price. I chose the very minimum of 1%. My base fee per month of $6.95 has not been covered so far. The graphics and expository slogans which I created are focused onto long-sleeved tee-shirts of various colors. The stickers come in sizes for bumpers, bus-stops, and as fake advertisements, tickets, flyers.

Capitalism's Fatal Flaw, and the Way Forward (blog)

This blog addresses the fatal flaw at the core of capitalism as a system of human psycho-socio-political-economic collective self-reproduction, a flaw which ultimately renders it a self-DIS-organizing, self-destroying system — as is becoming increasingly evident. It also details the successor system to capitalism, the new system that represents the higher, positive way forward for humanity: Political-Economic Democracy, or Equitism [see Equitism].

Committee for Transcendence

A project aimed at the developing a self-awareness seeking its own self-transcendence, in a radical overthrow of the constrictions and reifications of global capitalism. Within this grand task of world revolution, we hope to find and express the existentialist heart of human subjective experience, the reality of our daily lives, of life as directly lived — where the personal reflects, and then seeks to subvert, our global predicament. Thus, we seek to break the bonds of our social-political-psychological conditioning, in process of radical transcendence of our current social-economic conditions.
Contact: kathykundalini@committee-for-transcendence.org.


The Equitarian site is a venue for discussion-texts on past movements, and on convergent present-day movements, which have independently arrived at principles similar to those of the Equitarian Reform / Revolution, as defined in the texts presented on the Equitism site.
Contact: exemplist@point-of-departure.org.


The Equitism site is a venue for texts, available for free download, on the theory of the Equitarian Reform / Revolution %mdash; that is, for the new constitution, proposed by the anonymous Equitist Advocacy Group, for the institution of Political-Economic Democracy, via the non-violent, legal establishment of the proposed new constitutional equity principles of Citizen Externality Equity, Citizen Birthright Equity, Citizen Stewardship Equity, and Citizen Allocational Equity.
Contact: theorist@point-of-departure.org.

Everything for Everyone

The former Everything for Everyone site as a critique of what sadly was not enough to make a difference for anyone but the imagined or well-rested censors....
Contact: everythingforeveryone@point-of-departure.org.


The Equitist site is a venue for discussing and organizing projects, and other nonviolent activism, pursuant to the Equitarian Reform / Revolution, as defined in the texts presented on the Equitism site.
Contact: activist@point-of-departure.org.

F.E.D. Dialectics

The F.E.D. Dialectics blog is a growing on-line journal of essays on the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Mathematics of Dialectics, written by Miguel Detonacciones, an author who, initially — when he started the blog, in 2011 — was not a member of the F.E.D. collective of "dialectical psychohistorians", but who, in July 2012, became a full member of that collective. Provides interesting perspectives, from both "before" and "after" membership.

F.E.D. Press

The F.E.D. Press is releasing books by members of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica.

Global Samizdat (original site; backup)

The Global Samizdat site is a venue for the making available, for free download, of texts, under anonymous authorship, analyzing the strategy of the global plutocratic ruling class vis-a-vis the rest of the human species.
Contact: proletariat@global-samizdat.org.

"Global Warming" – Just Ruling-Class Eugenics "Warmed Over" (blog)

The purpose of this new blog is described in the 24-January-2014 hypothesis, presented as the first entry, "Global Warming is Just Rockefeller Eugenics Warmed Over – The Real Threat to Humanity is 'Milankovitchian' New Ice Age Global Cooling!" by M. Milankovitch.

Lust for Life

The Lust for Life web site was my very first. It started with cartoons, comix, and all sorts of categories made up of flyers and pamphlets which I enjoyed, scanned, and type-corrected... into HTML or PDF format.

It was intended as a place where people would commit to discovering synthetic line-points between "dots" (which my efforts humbly provide) by themselves, but some people are lazy and have acted as colonized "agents" for universal authoritarian slavishness, choosing to attack any article which made them think "outside of their box" (aka "cage").

They would suppress all use-value within a piece with an absolutist and reactionary dismissal due to a dogmatic view of what "truth" is. They, in a word, were the dictators over everyone else's "truth". Cynically rejecting humanity's dynamicist search for use-valuable kernels-of-itself trapped within everything. The inversion process which sells self-ownership in "exchange" for survival — this political-economy — creates itself universally as our own universalized self-alienation,. These self-anointed "political-correction" experts — censors, witchhunters, lynchmobs, bigots, bureaucrats-in-embryo, dysfunctionals with "elite" credentials — freeze any hostage-freeing "sift" by humanity they are funded to objectify, recuperate, or destroy.

Why? Because it challenges the very hierarchy of virulence which heels and feeds them. They stop that self-reinventing, that self-rediscovery, that prison breakout, dead in their own tracks.

Posers of the human and imposters of humanity one and all!. By deconstructing down to and magically-connecting form, they clerically disparage content. Thus, always finding the slightest offense to their own surrender's self-trap, they immediately and mediatively foist that same suffocation upon everyone else. Their celebrated pain is a craving for the static, the linear, the flat, the binary, the banal, the false, the anti-dialectical, and basically for continuing to behave like an organic object. With the library, they attacked reminders of their disowned subjectivity whenever they encountered anything NOT smelling that way. Typically, they objectify one group of human beings as "the bourgeoisie" and another as "the proletariat". They do not want faces in either group, and in so doing, demonize both. They want to ration whose owns who so that the State within and behind which they find so much comfort, can facelessly do "politically-correct" stranglings, executions, beheadings, arrests, assassinations, etc. They deny the existence of anyone "behind the curtain".

They, at all costs, want to deny the existence of the curtain itself. From now on, these festules will not have access to my work or offerings. They leave a stale and "correct[ing]" rank[-and-file] stench wherever they slither. I am now saying "No to psycho-intellectual parasites!" and to the psycho-terrorsim they pandemically spread to nourish where a subjectivity-embracing soul would be, were they of human rather than ponerolgical origin.

This site will soon have a registration-based access. It will also have categories for those sifting 'what is' as [use-]value-added for creating 'what might be'.

Contact: rasputin@lust-for-life.org.

Key Areas

Rasputin's Rant-o-Ramathon

Rasputin's Rant-o-Ramathon is another tool existing in Google-owned terrain. It's more versatile than WordPress. To bring the most people to the blog, you must allow unprotected spidering by Blogspot and crawling by Google. Entries are nonetheless being added approximately 2-3 times per week. To get more followers and to find other Blogspot listings is still a mystery.


This site's origin comes from from the one-time college club, S.M.I.R.K., short for Society for the Maintenance of Irrevereance towrds Ridiculous Kowtow. It is based in applied humor, i.e., jokesters, pranksters, parodists, and satirists, who take themselves seriously. [cf. their text, "The Jokingly Serious Meets the Seriously Jokable".] It also sports all kinds of untranslated French and Spanish texts (especially by Raoul Vaneigem and Jean-Pierre Voyer), all sorts of viewable films (long and short), a usable agit-prop set of graphics, and contacts. It was meant to take fun to "the next level" as interventions into the daily "production of citizens". It is a project for those who no longer wish to be content with "being", who desire to "become", and thus, is project-based, as in both "a living project" and "the project of living".
Contact: harpo@smirkers-of-the-world.org.

Key Areas

The smirkers_of_the_world Yahoo group was created before the invasiveness, disregard for security, and general encouragement to spammers and bullies was eposed as a core[nerstone] "feature" of Yahoo. This is primarily used as an archiving spot for many group emails which get sent to a wide range of groups and sub-group combinations.

The Communitarian Project

Simply, create community or The Community is coming to you....

Contact: TheCommunitarianProject@Point-of-Departure.org.

Key Areas

The [Re]call of the Wild

Life in a leash is no life at all.
The species which denies this is against the self-evolution of freedom, against life at its very core.
All of the billboarded "truths" about "wildlife" and the "wilderness" are holding up its falsifications. They hide slaughter within words like "taming" and "farming" and "superiority" with their opposable thumbs held up in the mirror, as if to say, I think therefore my reflection is all that matters.
It may appear so to a heartless brain, but they don't. And their magnificent intelligence, atop garbage, carcasses, banal self-bloat, and an endless litany of bloodsoaked self-delusion, deserves what it never can find in the destruction of "lesser" life everywhere: its own supersession, its exo-parasitism.

Contact: Mother_Nature@The-Recall-of-the-Wild.org.
Key Areas

Unbecoming Things

Unbecoming Things is a forum based around registered-member bulletin boards.

The boards are user-defined, securable to and by affinitized focus. It is highly-secured against spiders, BOTs, crawlers, trolls, ideologists, predators, and other guardians of the realm. Javascript, PHP, and Flash Player are avoided to prevent any embedded intrusion schemes.

The security has been set to:

  1. deny ALL access by spiders, crawlers, and BOTs;
  2. block ISPs from all governments;
  3. keep all messaging within the forum's database;
  4. use the .htaccess file, ugo/rwx, and groups w/r/t restricting folder and file access;
  5. use database encryption on a database installed on a different server;
  6. use an SSL certificate w/r/t any "GET" reads of XHTML code in a browser;
  7. use a database-specific firewall;
  8. provide stepwise instructions for using secured and authenticating email;
  9. provide stepwise instructions for using secured browsers;
  10. will eventually deny membership to any Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail or other off-computer mail server accounts, due to their intentional addressbook intrusions and email surveilling — compromising the security of fellow forum members — after a period of time in which they may prove the securing of their web browser access to the forum and from all access of their email by their web mail service provider; there can be no toleration for slack in the revolt against forced labor and refusing the brothelization of desire.

Key Areas

Wonderful Squirrels

Wonderful Squirrels is a site exploring yourself in other life, and, other life within you — which are "moments" of the same project, simultaneous instantiations of one another. It is fun[damental to] consciousness that we discover more of ourselves through others and other forms of the same life-energy.

Squirrels are a wonderful moment of life becoming aware of itself. Their scampering, scurrying, leaping, quickness, alertness, ingenuity, communalism, playfulness, and social chatter are fun to engage because we see a better side of ourselves within them. Squirrels know how to be creative and how to have fun, as well as how to socially ensure their safety, survival, and that fun.

They truly exemplify aspects of living which we misplaced and/or surrendered.

This site is an attempt to open eyes and minds to a joyful relationship with these wonderful life-treasures — squirrels — and to the human treasure already surrendered to and/or forcibly stolen by spiritless life-parasites.

It is so difficult to have a "favorite" in the 'food chain' to which life is reduced by non-evolution! My sense is that one of these days life-energy will be available to all species — who're able to make it through the "dog eat dog" and "self-cannibalizing" phase — so that none need to destroy one another to survive. All will be able to access orgonic life-force directly.

This is the totalistic project which also espresses itself as "generalized self-management", "zero-point energy", "free energy", "direct democracy", and isocracy. It is the dream shared by all that is alive and all lifeforms seeking to become more so. It is the dream of a de-fragmentized life-energy, stepping into the light, crossing from dream to non-dream!

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