Mission Statement

To have as project the generalizing of self-management, the pushing beyond paradox from within, the revealing of hidden revel in the daily, the expanding of social greed, the detourning of globanality's pseudo-evolution, and exposing the paltry lifestyles of zero-sum....

Texts availing movements, analysis, perceptions — whether fashioned as "left" or "right" — offer us blind [as in separately-conscious species members] wo/men a momentary glimpse of "the elephant", and, only in critically-and-synthetically expropriating from all assessments (our fellowed 'blind') in an open & sharingly-communicative way, do we ever stand a chance of-or-in creating a world/lives spent doing more than pseudo-creating 'totality' from our 'mere summations' of our narrowed & fragmentary assessments of that 'elephant'.

Class consciousness is not based only on one's geographical proximity to that 'elephant', but on practically socializing our class' partial truths — which "is" socialism — and thus, by act, transcends the atomized-and-atomizing views befestered in and of the lame and false "left versus right" dichotomy — which diverts-and-divides by embracing class consciousness fragmentarily and class pseudo-consciousness summarily.

Why call it this? Because it is truth-dividing — merely suppressing "other" partial truths — self-deludingly elevating its own partial truth (or half-truth) to that of an absolute truth.

The Point-of-Departure site intends to leap beyond left-right co-suppressed expressions — ever-creating, ever-striving, ever-elevating towards a more total/robust/dynamic truth:

We are a class of nebishes. Nebish (a.k.a. nebich or nebbish) is Yiddish for "An insignificant person; an incompetent person; a perpetual victim." Context-wise, nebishism is the unconsciously-active ideology of those refusing BOTH the responsibility for reproducing the social relations of enslavement, AND consequently also, of being able to create the social relations of liberation. Basically, it's the character-armor of the passive — of pseudo-objects — acting as such. The subjects of their own history, the proletariat inverts (alienates) that self-power at the point of production (including distribution and consumption), as a class, so that they are perpetually "done to", and act as perpetual sickly, co-dependent objects — empty of all but what shod they consume, as "nebishes", cynically blaming and whining about all but the inverted image in the mirror.... Until the proletariat takes responsibility for reproducing and decorating its chains, all "change" shall dominate in alien form. Until the proletariat becomes self-managing agent of its only destiny — to end class society — its members will "live the lives" (rather, "survive" themselves) as "nebishes", making "nebishism" the CLASSical "lifestyle" of dysfunctionality. The "left" and "right" pander to nebishism and are a fine "crop" of nebishes themselves, harvested for their ability to perpetuate class un- and pseudo-consciousness.

It's time to face this well-funded 'absence of soundness & methodology' exhibited in the left-right dysfunctionality — that dual punch that always comes to the proletarian chin for the master class — wherein each false absolute duct-tapes two colors of the same master hue together and calls the result a rainbow.... I and millions more prefer calling it "the Big Lie" — hosted by those characterologically-blindered, imaginatively-incapable, and/or political-economically-unwilling to attempt revolutionary life rather than a perpetual rehearsal of a dreary lifestyle that exhalts the paltriest of visions and activities. Their "this is as good as it gets" and "this is the way" really means "as good as our masters — internalized and externally-funding our organizations — will allow".

The continuation of a whored-out will to live is no longer tolerable, except by those very [counter-/pseudo-]revolutionaries-in-training who best find their own (and the proletariat's) home within a master's leash.

The "Third Force", as the Situationists so aptly called it, stirring up and stirred within self-dialectics, reject further toleration for the bullying ideologies so-called "correct" and "moral" — house-objects, well-funded liars, boring trolls, co-dependent expressions of the good slave, dullard thugs, loud lap-dogs — no matter what declawed [half-]"truth" they are fashioning for their masters.

Their side has been chosen and it is NOT the side of a society beyond class, the inauthentic, and the partialized. That is the 'side-beyond-partial-sides' we choose.

The enemies of direct democratic political-economic freedom know themselves as such, and so do we, the proletariat seeking an end to ourselves as such!

Between the Rocke-Nazi-funded, co-dependent left AND right, the choice of 'neither-and-both' is clear. The 'whole' of their partialized-and-fragmentized truth is useful while their summed method is suicidal. Today, with both "left" and "right" false consciousnesses regarding one's relationship to the means of [self re-]production — in all its social aspects — held up as spectacles, as re-presentations of what they once were, their failures, histories, and roles are skillfully avoided, excused, and hidden, especially now that they are explicitly used — more thoroughly, more scientifically, more dialectically — by the bourgeoisie, in all its social aspects. We embrace former shadows — owned and packaged by our class enemies — and remain shadows. We embrace our chains of and through characterization and our acceptance of the presented "choices" for capital colonization.

Both sides of this 'choiceless choice' embrace a Stalinoid cynicism and a staunch dedication to unimaginative vision, so that we, the world's proletariat, now realize, that only we will liberate ourselves — not some Fascist fashionist elitists wearing red, black, or both — whose own masters now see us as unnecessary and cumbersome overhead, seeking rapid reduction in our slave-class numbers as the final solution. Their means to our ends are everywhere: borderless wars, pharma-plagues, starvation, weather-or-geothermal manipulated disasters, post-nationalist unions that delete borders and bypass constitutions, international law, etc.

To live in many democratic moments in different places simultaneously, and to live in many simultaneous authentic places at the same moment; that is "lived" and "livable" space-time.

From the bloody messages heard oozing from the rigid mouths of eco-eugenicists, above the chains "won" by the deadening mediation of ranking-and-filing union pimps, peering beyond the 'cock-of-the-dunghill' fascisms hijacking and recycling black-and-red hook-cliches and disguising flags, over the double-talk driveling of whore-ified politician-puppets, leaps beyond the now-or-never marketeer & save-the-same-old-worldist flip-sides, distant to the de-evolutionary & recuperative dronings of psychotic theocrats — we derive that 'silent and atomistic suicide' or 'elitist annihilation and domination' is the official choice. Thus, 'world social revolution' has become the 'unofficial' and the only real human choice.

How to Self-Expand, by Reading-Out Hidden (to first glance or blinded eye) Subjectivity, Kernels of Truth, and Connection Points

No text or author has the 'total' experience. Some say that birth, orgasm, and death are the closest we ever are to other members of our species, and in fact, to all life. That be as it may, we can be said to be 'stuck' in a predicament not unlike the adage, "The Blind [Wo-/]Men and the Elephant"....

The Blind [Wo-/]Men and the Elephant

If you look for yourself (and your current views) only in a written text, you will miss the richness of "standing in another's shoes". Learning to supersede this institutionally-enforced schism is a major breakthrough and a revolutionary act. What good does it do if all you seek is for someone else to fit into your skin, to be referenced as "worthy" by how well they match up to your reference points of experience and limited knowledge. It also verges on an elitist view towards your view of others' ability to contribute to human[izing] knowledge.

You are alone without others; you are social in context and nature. Social wealth is your greatest resource, above your nature-surviving self. All wealth (communiucation, energy, health, nutrition, mobility, tools) around you is socially-made. It is stored up, gifted to you, and awaits your unwrapping and re-invention of it. You are born into the world with only yourself. You have inherited all you see as both a caress and a challenge. Those around you have inherited it as well, only with a variant perspective. Through communication and social organization that embraces each subjectivity for what it offers all of us, we grow more human, and sense a bit more of the 'truth' of the universe. We are it looking at and communicating with itself. Hey, the ailementary canal opens up to the entire universe and yet defines us. Our "insides" includes everyone else. In a sense, we are all the highly-evolved bacteria within each other's bodies, except that we are also visible to each other.

That said, communication is vital for all concepts of health and well-being, and socialized (a.k.a. "shared") knowledge. The individual is essential to the eco-health of society, and the societal is indispensible to one's individuality.

It is through that realization that relationships become so vital to a political-economic critique. The base of any society is how people relate to each other. Do they see each other as some object for categorization, as a 'thing' to be exploited? Do they see some sort of salvation in 'saving' this or that soul lost outside of themselves? That is subjugation. By commonizing and objectivizing people we deprive them and our very self of their subjectivity. Their experience is just as important as your own, precisely because they embellish your life and give it experiences out of your reference of/in conditions, of/in time, and of/in space. Just as a poe,m shares views and sensations you can never feel, in those same circumstances, you are closer than before reading it, IF you try to smell the words, taste the pauses, understand the feelings, etc.

You must choose whether you want to be a part of this world, and embrace all others' views for what they may have hidden, frozen, or lost within them — that may be to you, them, and/or all others, as well — so, the point is to "mine", "juice", sense, and especially, elevate what you do not know to a higher level. Try to make it work. Synthesize it because it IS a part of the puzzle whether you can see that or not. Driven by exchange-value's impatience, blind consumption or 'brand trashing' — of a text, of an author, of a person or grouping of people, of a web site (especially by 'guilt by [dis-/]association), of the usage of some terminology — misses so much, and quite intentionally — and thus, reveals that programmed-in characterological fear of any real change. Thereafter, the slaughter in the name of some ideal or dismal yet non-coincidental failure most surely follows, and with such ease.

You lie to yourself if you do not more than read, but actually, listen to what others have experienced, perceived, and albeit suffocatedly attempt to share or reveal by their actions (or lack thereof). That's exactly what the grassroots "ecology" movement discovered before it was recuperated by an elite, wity their well-funded "experts" leading the lemmings charge to the self-eugenics abyss. Those who would deny the fact that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" cheer from the sidelines, fencing with each with blood-stained manifestoes, platforms, and policies. We learn to find beauty in 'totality', because inside and outside, it and those describing it, are us. This strikes fear in the Ubuesque agents of submission and stasis.

What we missed because of viewing the world only according to 'current' views (standing still they surely become currencified in/of/by capital's social relations) and posited as "absolute" or "correct" was, in fact, bland, boring, belligerent, and as lame as it gets. Ideological myopia is the first-choice method by which cynical defeat is ensured.

I shall remain a wielder of the Marxian, situationist, and anarchist critique as synthesized in with that use which can be extracted from the bourgeois sciences known as ethnology, anthropology, history, and all the other of our class-trapped human explorations — but never a MarxIST, situationIST, or anarchIST. I leave that to those ensnared in meglomaniacal hierarchy, self-delusional reification, and a suffocating character-armor. I cannot rescue, nor would desire to, only avail. The choice to think, hear, and see are personal. I can only embrace those movements and individuals who show a will to live. I certainly shall seek that life everywhere in everyone until their and my own last breath, passing judgment as to the right to live on no one but myself. All social forces are made up of individuals, all living individuals have a right to that life, and all life is precious. I cannot state my basic purpose any plainer.

So, I urge you to read thoughtfully, sensuously, greedily, and critically, because your (and thus, all our) future depends upon it. We are ONE race, one people, one WHOLE of individuals who are at our best when embracing all our uniquenesses: historical, experiential, existential, thoughtful, sensual, perceptual, visional, transcendental.... There is truth everywhere, if you have the patience, and make the time based on a commitment to the living (not the dead) to see and hear it. That is dialectics' praxis.

Authoritarianism is at its best suppressing one, many or ANY of our uniquenesses in the name of some elitistic select and/or correct COMMONNESS. It pretends paradox does not exist or tries to shape-shift that which is presented as paradox. It re-presents and then pounds its "truth" home in spite of the humanity that it destroys. It feigns democracy and unleashes "adhocism". It feigns the people and unleashes "the will". It feigns dialectics, and unleashes "necessity". It feigns resolution and unleashes censorship, slander, assassination, and mass murder.

The technique is repeated by oh so many authoritarians-in-training:

No one speaks for any of us or for a reified "us" but for we ourselves — and then, ONLY directly and democratically. History belongs to all of us; after capital's thoroughizing colonization, re-appropriated history, and all our sensuously-potential partially-active labor, are all we have. That is what we alienate and from socio-self-affirmative aspect, that's all we need.

No one shall ever tell me what I can and cannot seek in my gifted graveyard of alienated/stolen/lost time. No one, that is, but a [closet or in-the-light-of-day avowed] Stalinist would dare.

It is in this spirit that a wide range of views are availed hereon, not so that they are endorsed, but so that they are understood, engaged, and synthesized for the kernel of truth that gave them root, nurture, and presence. In many cases, merely substituting "state-capitalist" in for "communist" or "socialist" will reveal much. In others, substituting "Leninist" for "Marxist" brings us back to the bourgeois recuperation of Marx's critique. Still, in others, it should be understood that critiques of "Christianity" are really based in what "Catholicism" has done, especially if one understands the original slave revolt, the suppression of "books", and the out-and-out genocide waged by many a Pope against dissenting christian groups.

It is only through the acknowledgment of all sides of a paradox that true dialectical supersession may spring forth. Stalinoid suppression, and its synthesis into the capitalist world methodology, has led us to the STATE in which we currently find ourselves.

The internet is full of predator-bullies who would squash the use of the word "the" if it could make them feel the power of those with whom they feel sublimated orgasm in hushing and crushing. They fear discourse and change most of all, and are the true expression of capital cornered!

The bourgeoisie have subjectivities buried 'to the hilt' with things, mainly us. Nonetheless, they are a self-evolving class of individuals. So-called 'liberatory' forces relentlessly and redundantly unleash like-objectifying "movements" that package and program us for further proletarianization. Many deny our own subjectivity by denying that the bourgeoisie has any. For them, class-objects and class-quantities are all that give comfort to their rather dreamless sleep. Knowing who we all are is the revolution, and those who would keep us from dreams made real first must make haze of those in the field of battle. It is not just our right, but also imperative, that we understand the ethnology of the bourgeoisie. I have but one life, albeit reincarnated as the same prole every day I awaken, and I do not want to repeat the fetishized failures of the past with what 'spared' time I may still have. The past includes everything we need to understand how not to repeat it. So, ransacking all, and even that which capital has unleashed against us, is a must-do task, and is quite daunting.

We, thing-like and buried in dried-up servant-slave labor pools, daily flop about and into each other. We had better re-learn to breathe subjectivity soon, and that begins with resuscitating each other with a more complete, less "correct", less "official" knowledge of our condition and all those who and all that which would keep us here.

The cloud of the cyclic austere, with its plethora of authoritarianisms, is ready to consume we former consumers of it, plunging us into the reticence of objects even further. There will not be a shortage of varieties. Those ideology factories will NOT have any layoffs. Many new-and-improved variants of class society "chafe at the bit", incubating for so long in colonized flesh — frozen crotches, hearts, and minds — now ready to contribute in the best way human capital can, to an evolved state of generalized suffocation.

Welcome to the entrance to the point of departure. I/we encourage being informed of possible additions, spelling/grammar/link errors, and open discourse. I/we seek collaborative efforts based in affirming the best social relations our untrammeled, negentropic subjective visions can create. As an 'umbrella' of projects and web sites, all the content is for all to use and/or share....

Best wishes to all, especially to those who would rank-and-file us into columns, for whom we should be quite wary.