Internal Affairs: Intra-organizational Operations

The Equitist Advocacy group instances a new kind of socio-political-economic group. The operating principles described below document our design to systematically avert the causes of corruption to which earlier, merely political groups have typically succumbed.


  1. Non-Violence
    We of the Equitist Advocacy group reject violence as a method of social progress.

    Nonviolence is a key to the effectiveness of efforts for social improvement. For violence corrupts its initiators, converting them, even if their violence is "successful", into but the new incumbents of the very evil that they had intended to overthrow, thus resulting, for them, in a defeat which could not be more total.

  2. Elimination of "Fame & Glory" Motivations, "Cults of Personality", & "Star" Spectacles
    All works and actions of the Equitist Advocacy group shall be created anonymously. No member of the Equitist Advocacy group shall publicly claim, or acknowledge, their membership. All publications of the Equitist Advocacy group shall be anonymous as to their individual authorship, or shall have a pseudonymous by-line.

  3. Elimination of Monetary Motivations
    All activity of, or on behalf of, the Equitist Advocacy group shall be voluntary acts of its members. No members of the Equitist Advocacy group shall receive monetary compensation for their Equitist activity. No Equitist Advocacy group staff shall be paid wages or salaries for their Equitist activity.

  4. Elimination of Separate Power Motivations
    The entire membership of the Equitist Advocacy group is committed to the principle that the Equitist Advocacy group will never "take state power". No member of the Equitist Advocacy group shall serve as an official of international, or of 'meta-national', of unitary-republic national, or of federal-republic national, or of provincial/state, or of local, county or municipal government.

    If — as we fully intend — movements, and/or political groups, committed to the enactment and implementation of 'Equitarian' constitutional reforms, and to their enabling legislations, are democratically elected to office, and form governments, no member of the Equitist Advocacy group shall serve as an elected official, or as an appointive official, in any such government.

    Instead, all members of the Equitist Advocacy group shall remain outside of any such government, and shall mobilize, as a group, to support that new government, by (1) publicly criticizing all tendencies, revealed by the actions of that new government, to abuse its power, to descend into corrupt practices, to undermine democratic rule, the rule of law, the sovereign power of the majority of the people, or the protections of the rights of political and other minorities, as well as by (2) publicly endorsing the legitimate 'Equitarian' measures it enacts by due process of law, as well as by (3) suggesting additional/other such measures.

  5. Political Independence / Non-Prostitution
    The Equitist Advocacy group shall accept no monetary contributions from outside its membership. All funding necessary for the conduct of Equitist Advocacy group activity shall be generated only via voluntary contributions of its members.

  6. Universal Property
    All video, audio, printed, and internet productions of the Equitist Advocacy group shall be intended, by its entire membership, as contributions to the collective, creative, social property of the human species. They shall not be produced as commodities, for sale, but as free gifts; donations to the betterment of the human race. Such productions shall each evince this principle by bearing the following 'Omni-Copyright Notice':

    Omni-Copyright Notice YYYY. Copyright to original portions of this psycho-artefact is hereby granted to all persons, free of any and all monetary or referential encumbrances. Replicate, disseminate, propagate, critique, and supercede at will.

  7. Motivation
    The motive for membership in, and for activity as, the Equitist Advocacy group must be located in the universal, human identity of each member. As members of the Equitist Advocacy group, members act as they must act, to be, and to remain, caring human beings, in the midst of the global crisis of humanity.

  8. Membership Expansion
    New candidate members of the Equitist Advocacy group shall be invited into membership only by unanimous acclaim of the existing members, on the basis of their demonstration-in-action of 'Equitarian' principles, and of their past material and spiritual contributions to the 'Equitarian' cause.

Omnicentralist Re-formation

  1. The "core" organizational form of the group is omnicentralist. That means that the center is everywhere and nowhere at once.

  2. Consequently, decisions are not binding upon anyone but those entering into personal commitments to agreements with others in the group.

  3. These agreements with "others in the group" are to be "public" in terms of all local group members, and private in terms of non-members. Breech of said privacy may be basis for expulsion, as it endangers others and their projects.


Dynamic Agreement and Disagreement

Decision-making Process

Contractual Commitment and Levels of Participation

Security Measures