Mission Statement


The mission of the Equitism.org, Equitist.org, and Equitarian.org websites, as of the Equitist Advocacy group, is to catalyze the detailed, optimal definition, widespread public comprehension, and majoritarian implementation of 'The Equitarian Reform'. By 'The Equitarian Reform', we mean a non-violent, legally-enacted transformation of the prevailing, capital-based social relations that shape human society's self-creation, and that shape human society's continual self-re-creation.

We hold that 'The Equitarian Reform' is a 'revolutionary reform' — a reform which, if implemented, will drive the society of the capital-relation forward, into a qualitatively new, higher, more equitable, more democratic system of social relations.

We, the members of the Equitist Advocacy group, hold that this Reform — this revolutionization of the prevailing human social relations of human society creation — is the only available alternative to the plutocracy-orchestrated global, totalitarian, multi-genocidal degeneration of human civilization now underway.

We hold, further, that 'The Equitarian Reform' will make possible the global regeneration of human civilization: a Global Renaissance — the first planet-wide renaissance of material-biospheric, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual prosperity in the recorded history of the Terran human species.

'The Equitarian Movement' is an already-existing, real movement within the Terran human species for the creation of comprehensive democracy, which means political-economic democracy.

The U.S., the U.K., the rest of the E.U., the rest of western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia, form the core of the global system of capital. In that core domain of the capital-relation, only the creation of comprehensive democracy can preserve even those tattered remnants of political, representative democracy, civil liberty, and the rule of law, such as still endure, from the multi-genocidal totalitarian tidal-wave with which the global oil-finance plutocracy has moved, and is moving, to drown humanity, globally.

This new tsunamic deluge is designed to include, now, especially, this capitalist core — no longer just that zone of intensified deprecation and depredation of humanity which the plutocracy has created in its marginalized periphery of the core capital-system, its "Third World".

The global oil/finance plutocracy, in its still [of course] publicly-undeclared "War on Humanity" — a global War that is still a well-kept secret from the global public, and which that public is discovering only bit-by-bit, as the many nooses already deployed by the plutocracy tighten around its breathing space — is now moving to create just "One World" of intensified deprecation, depredation, and extermination of all of the humanity that they see as threatening their rule, planet-wide [that plutocracy itself, of course, and their selected servile classes, excepted].

The 'Equitarian' Reform and the 'Equitarian' Revolution

More specifically, the mission of the Equitist Advocacy group is to catalyze the popular re-foundation of global human society upon the principles of 'generalized equity'.

We seek to accomplish this mission by promoting the promulgation of 'Equitarian' constitutional amendments, of their enabling legislation, and of the democratic election of candidates committed to their implementation.

This implementation is designed to create, at length, a transition from the darkening present, to a brighter future.

The 'Equitarian Reform' is designed to drive a social transition out of the increasingly unjust, 'in-equitarian', incipiently totalitarian, multi-genocidal, state-/private-capitalist, monopolist / oligopolist / plutocratic political-economy of the present. The 'Equitarian Reform' is designed to drive a social transition in to an 'Equitarian', comprehensively democratic political-economy, founded upon the constitutional establishment of four new species of social, universal, fundamental, human-rights-based equity.

These four new species of socio-economic equity arise in the supersession of, and as a necessary supplement to, the existing, first, and original species of equity: capital-equity.

That is, that single, presently-elaborated species of equity is, by name, 'internality-equity', the capital-equity stockholder, ownership-rights-based principle of "one share, one vote"; of economic-equity stockholder democracy, however much that principle is, presently, honored mainly "in the breach".

The four additional classes of socio-economic and political equity — proposed to you, by the Equitist Advocacy group — can be briefly characterized as follows: