Amendment XXIX

Draft #1, 08 July 2009


This proposed "Right To Privacy" Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, and analogous laws or amendments for the U.K. and other "advanced capitalist" nations, might well become a major focus of organizing against the hellish destiny which is built into the fundamental dynamic of the Capital-value-relation as predominant social relation of human social reproduction — namely, the accelerated convergence upon the attractor of totalitarian, genocidal state-capitalism.

Organizing around such an amendment has the potential to awaken, and to draw together, individuals otherwise hypnotized by the spectacle of the mutual pseudo-opposition of the "Right" and the "Left", whereas, in fact, both of these "two sides" are wholly-owned-and-controlled subsidiaries of the Late Capitalist Ruling Class, and are used to "divide and conquer" those who might otherwise come together to form a real opposition to that Ruling Class, and to its totalitarian/genocidal Global Program.

The struggle for this Amendment must extend beyond its brief text, for the meaning of "privacy", as referenced in this Amendment, will have to be detailed in statute and in court decisions.

Proposed "Right to Privacy" Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

Section 1.     The right of each Citizen of the United States to privacy shall not be infringed by any entity, including by the Federal Government of the United States, by the Governments of the several States, by public or private organizations, and by any other U. S. Citizen, without prior, written, express consent, by the Citizen suffering that infringement, to the elements of that infringement, as explicitly specified in that written consent.

Section 2.     This right of privacy inheres only in each Citizen, and does not extend to Government at any level, or to organizations, public or private.

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