Dialogic Letters

by Aoristos Dyosphainthos of F.E.D.

June-July 2009


The present "global economic crisis" — in truth, the emerging Global Crisis of Humanity — in which the 'Seldonian Alternatives' of Global Renaissance versus New / Final Dark Age are being directly posed, must claim priority one on all F.E.D. resources for the present.

That overriding priority notwithstanding, the General Council of F.E.D. is committed to continuing our communications with the http://www.adventures-in-dialectics.org/ website.

In Encyclopedia Dialectica Brief #1, transmitted in March 2007, I personally committed as follows: "You have my promise to provide, at a later date, a "cookbook" full of "worked examples" of the applications of Dialectical Ideography — examples mostly not treated elsewhere in the F.E.D. writings extant so far, and, in many cases, elicited on a more mundane, less grandiose scale than are the three main examples of this Brief."

The Council has recently decided that the time to commence the fulfillment of this commitment has arrived at last.

Hence, these letters.

Dialogically yours,

  Aoristos Dyosphainthos
  Member, F.E.D. General Council