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Introduction: Changing Everything and Everyone

Since "Everything for Everyone" (E4E) tends to leave out non-humans by inference... back on 18jun2014, I jotted down notes that came to mind, and, in their original flow without malice or censoring, here they are for whatever nourishment they may offer:

Since I made request numerous times — throughout the inclusive period of July through November of 2014 — to ignoring, distracted, schedule-clogged, frustration-deadened, surrendering slack, and/or silently disinterested ears, I have re-clarified my association with the "E4E" ghost and am now recapturing and reinventing my work and domain.

Heretofore, the former "Everything for Everyone" pages, symbolized as "E4E", will retain a mathelogical symbology but in a math I shall try to push into a more robust form and content. I shall try to capture that in the pushing of the "E4E" dimensionality into the exponentiality which I never saw members embrace or exude for themselves or themselves locked-away in others.

The new math, E2forE2, shall be the concentration of "Everything and Everyone" for "Everything and Everyone".

My initial (and communicated) sense was that the very word of "everything" tends to include animals, however, along w/tee-shirts, apples, and rocks) as "things", which is way too steeped in the triadic view of nature espoused by those afflicted with the desertification of the garden and imaginations from which spawned Koran, Old Testament Bible, and Torah/Talmad: also depicting women and kids as thing-like substances for patriarchal definition and hierarchical use.

Not acceptable as a projection, nor as a externalization of some "thing" internal. Never mind that men are left out of the abused column... as they kill each other for/with one of the correct blades of death.

"We Want It All" even says that same objectification with the lifeless "it".

Transition: Reinventing this Project is Constant

This site will be undergoing a transformation in the coming month (November 2014)... and will continue to forever, that is, inasmuch and insofar as "forever" has any possibility for me to wield, as changing it is necessarily changing both me and my relationship as the project — as subject[ivity], as predicate[r], as object[ive] and object — and with everyone and everything which interacts with me over time and space. Sop much for totality, dynamics, eternity, and such....


A lack of review and use of this site and the aft-mentioned forum, with a category of boards set up for E4E use, will be used for other — new and ongoing — purposes.

The forum memberships based around the E4E category of boards will be moved from having access to those boards, as they will be gone in their current sense Should anyone decide to join one of the other categories, or to have me create a new one, I will happily open up said locations for their use.

Creating a Project of by and for Ourselves Together

This is a project of relating as the Omnicenter of a Free-associating Mutually-assisting Whole. It is the all of Self-Projects

I seek to catch ahead-of-time the tendency to reproduce or nourish (with my neck) those types of foundations for relationships, which, because they do not critically define themselves, act in vague ways and with little-to-no strategy, tactics, or purpose. They are the accepted complicity (of today's manufactured character, a sort of "secret cell group" behavior plan colonized into the mass persona which mutates to look humanly "unique" by embedding itself into those unique psyches and the resulting dysfunctional "person", "normalized" by the manufactured "experts" bowing and scraping before and after every systemic "need" to change that "norm" for itself, deploys repetitious imprinting of and onto those psyches, enlisting each in its own way to surrender to a lifetime of "doing time" (buying and selling life on the time-slavery market through a variety of lifestyle "plans"). It changes the people it uses as hosts much as they change the lifestyles for that host... like clothes requiring laundering, the humans' personas are laundered and reprogrammed. The concept of "recycling" can now be seen for what it really does, with everything dancing to the tunes of shoes made "out of this world", which is to say, made for a power "out there", which is to say, made in the image of something, not me, not you, not us. If you stand on your head, those things look just as we did when we sold our time a while back... I can't remember me since I have done that so many times that I have no reference point any longer.... Suffice it to say, that standing on my head to see what I lost is easier than losing more of me tomorrow, so, why do I, you, we do it?

We do it for numerous reasons that, like the programming of replicant memories in "Blade Runner" keep telling us: (1) there can be only one, (2) this is as good as it gets, (3) be all you can be as defined by those "outside" things, and (4) all for one and one for all. Hmmm. Not a very satisfying answer, is it? One might even say that it would be intolerable if I had those self-referential points back here next to the me of now. Wait! We each have a part of all of us in each of what's left after all of this blessed ransack. Therein might be the reason that fear of disease is used to keep us away from wildlife (where we might rediscover self-reliance under impossible odds) and to keep us away from each other (where we might find parts of our selves upon which to rely).

So, we are maybe the best we've never had, if we give ourselves a chance, and refuse to follow the mindnumbing noise and the media droning on about new and improved reasons to fear every moment and every living creature, and the rest of the loop maintaining motionlessness, meaninglessness, and timelessness. Brrr. Whoever said slow (versus fast) death was better than questioning the program was and is psychotic and a sadist. So, if I do this to myself, and you do this to yourself, and enough of us do it to ourselves... daily, and without communicating... then the chief sadist is us. We are both the sadist and the masochist. We are codependently the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, and both programs within us are in need of total transcendence. No Leninoid worshipping of one half of the slave role while hating the mother. It simply swirls us around to a new center of gravity at the bottom of the bowl... always out of reach of climbing out, except to flip the switch on the food processor which prepares us for full service. And again, why?!

All for hierarchy's utmost developed weapon, the social relations of capital — with its capital-based family, work, school, religion, science, army, technology, "resistance", et. al. — which prevents against change, except for a "changing of the guard", and assists the parasitic status quo evolve itself. If an alien in the typical "space invader" can read minds, all resistance thoughts are known before they are hatched so that the "crossfire", the "setup", is always there.

We protect those "things" which digest our imaginations, which chew up our human rights and spit back slave rites. We have now met the enemey, and it is us. At least, I know I am against myself somewhere and somehow and sometimes. I just cannot put my finger on it when my finger may be "in on the con". Again, the parts of our best are remnants in everyone else which can be salvaged together and used to construct new possibilities for new lives and world, for the first time.

So it is with having an embedded behavior in your head which spies on you and "sells you out". By tolerating that presence you tolerate your own lack of presence, your absence; you literally sell yourself out unless you discover all embedded "spyware" acting ("spoofing" as if you. It uses your mouth, ears, etc. You are like the story of the abductee who cannot move to resist the probe and what-not. Only, the alien has a real spy as well, since, the alien is your alienated self-power.

Just as stopping working in a social relationship which erects a daily life prison wall around you stops the wall from existing, so does stopping the self-alienating acts and behaviors which creates this ghost of yourself, the "alien".

Hollywood's role is to insist that all of you lost can only exist as inexplicable monsters (leaders to whom you've given away your right to decide), as ghosts (the alienated power lost in the past), and as aliens (those creatures in front of the curtain who make certain you never discover the mirror behind the curtain)... all of which are you allowing separation of power from yourself (enter the vampire metaphor) and mediation of that power against you (as that class of weapon-wielding guards, the politicians).

Meanwhile, those who vault away all of the self-powers not their own, are the bankers. The psychopaths rules the social apparatus, the pyramid scheme, the sociopaths keep the information at a need to not know basis (all those other self-drained "walking dead" or "soulless living") above and aside you) and you see only those below you as enemies to what little you are and have.

Insidious? Yes. It's a testimony to the way the psyche buries trauma, and trauma encountered every waking moment only dreams after a while about sleeping without waking up to this nightmare, so it creates a myriad, a maze, a matrix of confusion so that just getting to and from work or from the refrigerator to the television to the bed back to the job of survival is all it takes to live "The Life of Riley".

No one ever wants to know what happened to "Riley".... Essentially, he neither lived nor existed nor mattered. Great aspiration.

Hence, I demand of myself to become at all times open to relating creatively, with people as with their echoed or inscribed views, and insist now more than ever that any relationship needs a minimum definition of how it will not just be another bar in my window.

For a relationship to be created. as its step 0, its "first project" (or discussion of projects), a project as the creation of said relationship. will be itself as the ground-zero project. All it does arises from its foundation, or lack thereof.

For me, that must include creating contracts amongst all associating "members" such that the self-definition and social formation are meaning-full, purpose-clear, and functionally-dynamic thereafter.

Decision-making and planning processes shall both include built-in feedback loop sub-processes and shall also be the sub-process of that very feedback loop. In other words, the creating and creation are synonymous and fractal moments of each other, as in a Mobius tube channeled through a toroidal vortex which immerses everything together and births out neo-instantiations of itself based upon negatronically-exponentializing the combinations and permutations... making the last instantiation's impossibilities possible, making any limits of the interdependently unique approach infinity, with its cosmic "stirring"... as in umbilically "freeing" the new from all historical confines.

And, since, after all, their 'future and past' are dynamically impossible to pinpoint, that shall be the case also with aiming to achieve the synonymosity of 'means and ends', "theory and practice', 'premises and conclusions', 'cause and effect', 'beginning and ending', etc.

The relationship will be clearly and definitively made subservient to its involved members, and to its past. And, if the relationship subjects disappear from the "mix" so then does their formalized 'objective' reflection, "stirred up" as it were, only to be reinvented to suit and express the dynamic successor caprice, dreams, imaginations, will... in deification-free, reification-free, mediation-free, alienation-free acts of self-creation.

The contract binds us each to courtesy, respectfulness, communication, performance, planning, constistency, follow-through, timeliness, and a general trait and desire for creating quality within our lives, permeating the group, as our external selves in a self-managed 'social' context, and in the natural universe of all other essences, presences, sentientials, organics, inorganics, tangibles and intangibles, real and imaginary, etc....

Each of the "blind man and the elephant" individuals experience a "whole" as in the whole experience as only they can, Yet, the wholeness of wholeness goes in both directions towards a macro and micro away from each man's world. And it reveals possibilities which, although not experienced directly or wholly, do exist and can alter each man's whole from outside (as too large a detail) and inside (as too small a detail), As access to these dimensions of "truth", the key, as anyone running a con, a trick, or a scheme knows, is limiting, diverting, distracting, or flattening a view back to the dimension which can reveal but its narrow "truth". Never walking in another's shoes, never looking into a face, never touching or trusting anyone... reduces the viewing men to one.

That does it. No dimensions are accessible through sharing if you are taught to repel others and to coommunicate with them through filters which retrabscribe and refixate separation.

All, as sharing the meta-whole of whole conditions, circumstances, events merging and emerging from within and without itself, anew, revitalized, afresh, a unified connection and disconnection:

We seek to be its inseparable traits, all sharing the same footprints and shadows, all sharing the same horizons from unique perspectives, and, as non-fragmentable aspects of each other.

Our projects will take precise aim at awakening socially-transcendent urges in all who cross their paths (and vice-versa), and will be based in the practice of our constitution, expansion of our definitions, the meaning of our membership, and the dimensional jump-points energized by and as "projects".

We will relate as the world we intend to create, else manufacturing nothing for anyone, and thus, lest of all, nothing for ourselves.

So, that requires effort and communication and definition and process and standards.... Why?

Because (1) we are our cause, (2) we require the highest performing, unimpeded, discolonized imaginations and the most robust, colorful, vivid dreams this current world makes both impossible and possible, and, because (3) we demand the success of becoming examples to, by, and for ourselves, of becoming our own footnotes to notable self-formation.

Thus, from here and now, forever, the transformation begins... of everything and everyone.

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