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Its Communitarian Reinvention as MutInocratic Process

by Everyone
yesterday, today, and this day forward

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What's evolution and where does it come from?

It is growth that comes both from within and without an element, set, group, individual, entity, system, ecosystem, culture, polyculture, and/or combination thereof, thereforth, thereout, therein....

So them what's 'self'-evolution?

Evolution is movement. Nothing and everything moves. Oscillation of cells , time, star systems... wiggle, shake, explode, implode, live, die, transfiorm, transcend, incarnate, etc.

That movement is change, and it feeds [back into] itself. Hence, it is self-directing, self-moving, and, self-evolving at a level where you can "catch a glimpse" (or view) of the movement. The term "the big picture" applies into both the macro- and micro- "essence" of any element, entity, et. al., and, from the view of that life form, the term changes. The "big picture" of a cell in a specific horse and the "big picture" in the specific horse "see" "micro" and "macro" a bit differently... in both directions. So, self is even self-determining. The question, "who am I?" from the cell and horse perspectives are similar and different. Once again, however or even why an entity would "ask such a question" still suggests that the whole of such questions is something which encompasses all micro- and macro- questions and all questioners. That "questioning itself has a fluctuation, or movement, and is an integral part of evolution because it derives from the questioner's very self, or the questioner's self-reference within that whole.

Self-movement and self-reference are always a micro of anything it "sees" as a macro. So, it is defined by itself. Its "position" is fuel for its movement. Its movement creates fuel. And, since time exists, aso does helical movement of the very essence of referencing.

What's wrong?

Well, for starters, how about:

the high-heels of hierarchy;
the manacles of manufactured scarcity;
the nothingness of so much 'need to know' power;
that all maps all leading out of The Village all lead to misery;
the saturation bombing by banality;
the tolerated excuses for hierarchy-manufactured truth";
the internalized willingness to fail;
the same song-and-dance played over, and over, and....

What's right?

Well, I feel a bit more enlivened acting upon my own and encountering:

a refusal of constraints;
a chasmic break of unofficial views;
the ability to think and view beyond falsifications;
exposing 'the choiceless choice' and the hacks, liars, and sociopaths representing no choice as a choice;
the unlimited use-value of untrammeled creativity and unfettered imagination;
the awakening to social power as toxic reification without unlimited self-powers.

What is MutEx?

MutEx comes from the term "Mutual Exclusion", derived in computer science theory to better describe the binary as the only logical world view, already or to be disseminated everywhere, into everything, and through forced insistence upon the DNA of all lifeforms or possibilities therein.

The 'logic' is reductive, and, mathelogically, portrays one among an infinite number of number systems, ruling out all others as irrational, imaginary, illegal, or intolerable.

It, [note the similarity to "IT".] giving itself dominion by fashionizing and disseminating self-replicating devices (cell phones, calculators, and other "smart devices demanding dumb users), invert all [device] users into 'the used' and the 'only here to be used' objects.

We then, its objects, are just sums of traits broken into trademarked data vaulted away as 0s or 1s, or some sum of those objectifying credentials.

The infinity between, preceding 0, and beyond 1, not just linearally but also all and anything conceivably vectoring outside to and from all dimensions and directions, simply, are not allowed to exist.

And, all possibilities of them existing as neural pathways in, or possibly created within the human mind, also, will wither and die for the sake of hierarchy and an endless circling around 'the zero-sum' of this self-anointed set of highest authorities and absolutist ideology.

The sports fetish of "there can be only one", imitating the silly phrase from "The Highlander" television series, takes celestial-down-to-terrain abstractions of atheism and the Heideggerian reduction of self and other down to "never the twain shall [be allowed to] meet, merging it with their cold, plastic, and theocratic technocracy, so that 1 (the new world's being) and 0 (the new world's nothingness) become, so that you do NOT, and now so ordered in this new world [neuro-numerical] order, so absolutely defined, the right to fill in variables to — "who can I become?", "where might I come from?", and "where shall I go?" — solved undeniably, revokes them into constants — "who I will be", "where I most certainly came from", "" — which no longer (and better not) be modified, or you, deemed as wasting your socially-owned time (and thus, "life"-time), and all of the other time privately held as unquestionable property of the Global-Corporate-State will 'rationally' be recycled, that is, have your mathelogical existence deleted, i.e., have your "1-ness turned into a 0-ness for "the good of all", whatever that absolute abstract becomes. Things 'become' because do not. The binary world is, indeed, imagined bullshit wearing the King's real crown.

What is MutIn?

MutIn comes from the term "Mutual Inclusion", derived to leap beyond credibility ascribed to and by MutEx.
As means and ends, it is us transcending the starightjacket of narrow and pseudo-choices of this current world, binary, flat, built in the form of MutEx (mutual exclusion): hierarchy.

What is MutInocracy?

Simply implemented, it is the formal insistance upon — because through — you, as self-dynamizing core of and self-dynamizing communal whole, AND also upon the unique community for the whole you — if it is anything other than a lie insisting upon itself, as a reification seeking your breath as if it is its own — to be defined, determined, implemented, and managed by you! If you cease to manage it, and it continues, then it does so to your demise. It eats its parents and its children on the whole as a whole, as its "nature", transformed into such because yor absence is at its core.

Alienation... can't live with it, could live without it. So, how do we live without alienation? How do we return from the land of the undead that do not live, to having the time of our lives [back!]?

How shall we implement ourselves?

Implementing our selves as we wish, and through a means which does not destroy that wish in its methods, is tricky.

Selling ourselves in order to assert what's left doesn't accomplish anything but us as things , so more drastic, robust, surefire/certain, and nonrecuperable ways (to make change, according to us, possible) are needed. They are definitely possible. They are definitely certain. They are definitely final. They are so, because they are totalistic and totalizing.

What examples exist of ways to become ourselves without mediation?

How do we inspire and implement this 'generalized self-management'?

By formalizing a society which is based not on some abstract defined by those behind a curtain protected by everything we surrender to them – unwittingly, unwillingly, complicitly, and by force – which we "get back", as fair trade, tenfold as bayonets, bullets, drones, orders, ordained submissions, certified subjugations, legalized behavior, deflated dreams, and devalued promises.

What does that look like for us, today, tomorrow, and down the road?

When is the best time and what is the best way to start without getting picked off?


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