Project Starter Kit
Preparing a Project Proposal to Attract Cohorts

by M. Anonymous
original: September 23, 2014

project management     project management     project management


This is offered as a free-to-use, modifiable tool.

The suggested use is for preparing to bring up a project idea at a gathering (e.g., "Town Hall" style meeting, "Everything for Everyone" meeting).

In my experience, one great way to attract passion is to exhibit it through your own preparation. Make your project easy to embrace. It can be difficult, but proves well worth the effort in returns: an elevation of you, of associates permeating your life, and smiles afar that you may sense, as of the flutter of a distant butterfly's wings upon your cheek..

Project Checklist


It may help to have a reminder sheet that allows people to add their own notes to a syllabus, summary, and/or outline of your project. Graphical depictions help to show relationships between phases, tasks, the timeline, materials, etc. This allows people to "plug in" at appropriate times rather than commiting for the whole duration, hence, they can be gifting/sharing/trading their talents on numerous projects which require them at different times. You help your help and other projects by doing this....


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