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September 2014
2-8pm, sun28sep2014       ✓

October 2014
3-6pm, sun05oct2014
3-6pm, sun12oct2014
3-6pm, sun19oct2014
3-6pm, sun26oct2014

November 2014
3-6pm, sun02nov2014
3-6pm, sun09nov2014
3-6pm, sun16nov2014
3-6pm, sun23nov2014
3-6pm, sun30nov2014

December 2014
3-6pm, Sunday, sun07dec2014
3-6pm, Sunday, sun14dec2014
3-6pm, Sunday, sun21dec2014

Status Reports

0 projects reported status


this meeting's recipe: 11 ingredients (7 tablespoons, 4 teaspoons)
discussion about format and order:
    1) self-intros;
    2) people in need;
    3) project reports;
    4) projects in need;
    5) new projects;
    6) guest talks, walk-and-talk, demos, show-and-tell.
    7) potluck; potlatch.
discussion about project: internal/external description; scope; goals; name; catch-phrase.
discussion about meetings: frequency; days; times.
general homework:
    overall project's name (key words, thus far, include community, wholistic, project, self).
    overall project's catch-phrase (key words, thus far, include community, wholistic, project, self).
self-assignments: outline a draft of a project to be integrated into our whole project
    a) an outrage, violation, injustice, policy, behavior, facet, fractal of evil/capital/pathos
    b) a want or dream
    c) a desire or need
    d) a passion or interest
    e) a strategic pool of knowledge
    f) a skill or social tool
discussion about reconvening: next meeting date is sun05october2014 at The Nut House


If you have a general question about projects, please contact us by clicking "general project question".

If you would like to help launch or maintain an existing project, and would like more project detail, please contact us by clicking "assist existing project".

If you would like to start and launch a new project, and would like some startup assistance, please contact us by clicking "start new project".

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