Cooperative Commonwealth

by Everyone
yesterday, today, and this day forward

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What's cooperative commonwealth and where does it come from?

It is every invention, creation, good, idea, concept, language, discovery, wisdom, and tool that comes both from the past and the present. Every one of them belongs to all of us because it comes from the activity of a member of our species. It is not a privatized species, so the results of the species are not privatizable either.

As per the privatization of humans — known affectionately by owners as slavery — the privatization of social wealth, i.e., wealth produced socially is the pride-and-joy of the same owner class, coddled by the myth of absolutes known as "normal", "moral", and "legal", coincidentally all products manufactured in their privatized social institutions.

The war of "private versus public" is a class war. The ransacking of all that was "public domain" in the 1980-2014 period was the removal of the cherry from the middle-class dreamworld dessert.

Public radio... gone; public television... gone; public internet... gone; public education... gone; public voting... gone; public telephones... gone; public utilities... gone; ad finitum, ad nauseam.

Resisting the present seizure of commonwealth from the public is the revolution.
Seizing back past seizures is the revolution.
Occupying space seized and mutated into alien territory is the revolution.
Reinventing the use of past and present seizures is the revolution.
Decolonizing the seizure of "self-interest" is the revolution.
Changing how we seize use from others and allow seizures by others is the revolution.
Laughing at privatizer authoritarians — left and right, and the political party system which systemically toasts them both — as we seize our self-powers back from their bleadership... is the revolution.
That we are all self-owned revolutionaries is the revolution.

The State, always privatized in the United States since Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine were left off the "guest list", ever since Shay's Rebellion, ever since the Whiskey Rebellion, ever since the IRS, ever since the the Federal Reserve, ..., has always taken orders — no matter from which side of the mouth, left or right or center, that its lies drone — from the owner class, the lifetime-and-lifeform privatizers.

This war for self-ownership is lost daily by the public, in consenting, in tolerating, in surrendering, in submitting, in complying, in choosing between false choices, in choosing between falsifications.

The end of this now-global pyramid scheme is the revolution.

Common wealth has been stolen, buried, mystified, hidden, destroyed, and vaulted away from us so that we do not have the earned tools of freedom.

Reinventing our past, present, and future — our possibilities and our very presence — from our current absence in wealth's history books is what we have left with which to work. It's no surprise that history has been privatized.

Making the privatization of all life public is the revolution.
Making revolution public is the revolution.
Turning privatized quantity back into public quality is the revolution.
Ending class society, political-economic social relations, and all of its historical core in hierarchy, is the revolution.
Dis-alienating the world and ourselves is the revolution.

I have a good feeling... and, I believe, that we have that as a common self-wealth.


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